Pro Ribbon Multi MA


Moving average ribbons are a series of moving averages (MA) of different lengths that are plotted on the same chart to create a ribbon-like indicator. Traders can determine the strength of a trend by looking at the distance between the moving averages, as well as identify key areas of support or resistance by looking at the price in relation to the ribbon. The ribbons can also be used to signal potential trend changes when the price moves through the ribbons, or the ribbons cross each other


  • You are able to customize several kind of MA displaying in the chartt
  • Log chart: It can be used on logarithmic price scales, to avoid distortions
  • When the ribbon expands it helps confirm a strengthening trend, but when they contract or cross it indicates a pullback phase or reversal
  • When the price is above the MA ribbon, and the MAs are angled upwards, it helps confirm a rising price
  • When the price is below the MA ribbon, and MAs are angled downwards, it helps confirm a falling price
  • It works in any time frame or market like Forex, Crypto or stocks and derivates

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