WIN 15% cash reward and disscounts. Easy reffering our products


First steps in our reward platafform

Create your account in our system


After that you will be able to access to our benefits. The system have two kind of benefits, disccount codes and cash reward.

So our system will reward you as follows:

  • 15% cash reward for your firts level refferal. Also 10% disccount for your referral using your disccount code or access link
  • 5% cash reward from your second level refferal using and inviting people to your network link or email

Customize your own marketing tools for easy share your refferals

Custom your own refferal code


You must be aware of this:

  1. Cash rewards will be applied to your account after your referral were fullfill any purchase of our product in any for our sales channels.
  2. Our reward system is thinked to give benefits either to your refferal contact and your self, so you will received every time that your refferal contact fullfill any purchase. Your cash reward and benefits will not have expiration date as long as your referals have performed a purchase.
  3. Remember all the cash reward will be paid montly to your paypal account every time that your referral level 1 or 2 buy any product.
  4. You have to take care because disccount and referal code and link are different from create a new second level referral link.

    If you have any doubt you always can contact to our support service on telegram: @verticaltraders_io

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