Bollinger Bands (Fixed version)


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This indicator is suitable for any timeframe or market like Forex, Crypto, Commodities even Stocks.

Bollinger bands are calculated from a moving average, creating two curves that involve the price chart, these bands are defined by a standard deviation generally of value 2 with respect to the moving average.

You could indentify elements like:

- You may customize several kind of MA displaying in the chart
- Log chart: It can be used on logarithmic price scales, to avoid distortions in those chart.
- You may change the sketching time frame even without changing time frame in the current chart.
- Interpolation: Round the curves when viewing larger timeframes.

Besides of the features characteristics you also may check aditional conditions like:

-Background: Shows the zone equivalent to a standard deviation of 1 and 2 with different color.  
-Recommended for manual trading or validation.

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