Premium-THREE (Strengh messure)


While the goal of value trading is usually to buy low and sell high, the goal of measuring relative strength is to buy high and sell even higher. As such, traders assume that the trends currently displayed by the market will continue for long enough that they can realize a positive return. Any sudden reversal to that trend is likely to lead to negative results.

Because relative strength investing assumes that present trends will continue into the future, it is most effective in stable periods with minimal disruption.

Premium 3 allow to you sense strength in different momentum coloured bars, so you are able to anticipate or plan your trading. This is a very accurate indicator for support your entry or exit strategies.


  • Allows you to find divergences and price trends in a simple way
  • After adding this signal on TradingView, you will see potential momentum according to the colors of the candlesticks .
  • It works in any time frame or market like Forex, Crypto, Commodities even Stocks.

How to lecture color shift

Bullish pattern

Olive: weak
Dark green: medium
Light green: strong
Lime: very strong

Bearish pattern

Fuchsia: weak
Maron: medium
Red: strong
Intense red: very strong

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